Advice for Voice Over Artists

Since the launch of my website, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of up-and-coming Voice Over Artists who have asked me for advice. I can't help but to think back to when I was in their shoes, scrolling the internet seeking advice on how to get started. So I've decided to make this page, for people like 'past me' looking for tips and tricks to get started in this wonderful industry.

Tip 1: Be Confident

To get started, you need to have some level of confidence. It's important as you're going to be representing yourself to your clients and the public on social media. Marketing is HUGE in this industry so my suggestion to get started is to write up a Marketing Plan so you know how to post on Social Media.

Tip 2: Be Patient

Freddy Mercury didn't make it overnight, and neither will you. While a good voice does help to make a good Voice Over Artist (VOA), it's more about your drive and motivation. If you can push through boundaries and turn your setbacks into challenges to overcome, you will do well as a VOA.

Tip 3: Do your BEST work

Once you've overcome the hurdles in the beginning, you'll find that repeat clients are your best friend. They help to keep everything flowing and your bills paid. Because this is an industry that's very relationship-based, you have to always deliver quality work. That doesn't mean spending all day in the studio for a 30 second script. I live by the mantra of 'Overthinking kills drive'. Try not to let perfectionism ruin your quality (or studio time!).

My final note is not to under-estimate the power of Freelance platforms. Fiverr is an excellent place to start and can give you some pocket-money from doing what you love to do.

If you would like any more advice, don't hesitate to get in touch and book me for some voice over coaching! I always love meeting passionate newcomers and helping them along their journey.

Good luck and have fun!

Angus Brennan