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Do I need voice coaching to become a voice actor?

So you're wanting to become a professional voice actor. Awesome!

It's a fantastic industry, there are just a few things to keep in mind before you dive in:

  1. It's a job like any other! You have to work hard, and some days will be easier than others.

  2. 'Making it' is a process that could take years. Patience is key!

  3. Make sure you're trained up and ready to take on any audition that comes your way.

That last point leads me to this blog's question:

Do you need to book a voice coach to become a full-time voice actor?

While you don't necessarily need any 'paper' qualifications like university degrees, you do need to know how to use your voice as a tool to deliver hundreds of different sounds!

Voice acting is vastly different to stage or screen acting, as your voice is the only method to deliver the tone, context and emotion of the character you're portraying.

Booking a voice coaching session will give you an idea of what you can expect if you get a real-life voice over booking. It's a training ground that allows you to make mistakes and learn to improve your vocal capabilities.

When I have students in for coaching sessions, every session is unique to what they're wanting to learn.

We go over things like:

  • Vocal warm-ups

  • Script reading and workshopping

  • Voicing and self-reflection

  • Tips to improve

  • Audio production basics

All sessions end with some homework, and on-going advice is always available by email.

Are you interested in booking a voice coaching session? 1-on-1 classes are available now in Brisbane.

Get in touch for more information!

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