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Welcome to ABVO. This is the culmination of 15 years of love, sweat and tears.
Yes, we did mean to say love.

At ABVO, we're passionate about audio, voice and people. We offer services from voice over and content creation, to coaching and public speaking.

Founded by Angus Brennan in 2018, we've quickly grown into a team of industry experts, who build media solutions daily.

If you're looking to upgrade your media presence, or you're an individual seeking voice over coaching, we can't wait to chat soon.

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Angus Brennan ABVO Brisbane Director Headshot

"It's a thrill to fulfil your own childhood dreams,

but as you get older, you may find that enabling the dreams of others is even more fun.”

Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture


About ABVO Founder, Angus Brennan:

My creative journey began in community radio at the fresh age of 12, starting Mega Music on Ya Friday, an independent and new music show on Fraser Coast FM

With the idea of helping local, independent music get heard, I began podcasting an indie music Podcast, featuring some of the talented Australian artists that I admired. 

Formal education in Radio Broadcasting at AFTRS in 2015 taught me the depths of the Australian radio industry.

I quickly realised that the audience is the most important part of any radio station.

In January 2017, I happened to connect with James Henderson - a hospitality professional and podcast host. He brought me on as his part-time podcast producer. After only a few short months, The Hospopreneurs Podcast became a 2018 Podcast Awards Finalist, and was named one of Australia's Top 10 Podcasts for Small Business by Canstar.

That brings us to today, where I'm working as a full-time voice over artist, audio producer and voice coach.

I can proudly say that I do what I do to help people. It brings me a lot of joy to help others grow their skills, create podcasts, expand their scope of influence and connect with their clients.

Reaching our own potential is great, but having the opportunity to nurture another to do the same is what makes every day fulfilling for me.


Looking forward to connecting with you,

Angus Brennan

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