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Voice Over
Training & Coaching

Ever wanted to try your hand at voice overs?

You should! And we can help.

Private, in-studio coaching sessions are available now in Brisbane. From script reading and interpretation to hands-on audio engineering and home studio setups.


Can't wait to meet you soon!

Meet Your Coach

Angus Brennan is one of Australia's top voice over artists.

Beginning in community radio at age 12, he worked hard to independently produce a radio show featuring local talent from the area.

He has a background in podcast editing and completed the Advanced Diploma in Radio course from AFTRS in 2015.

It's Angus's goal to be the mentor to others that he wish he had himself.

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Angus Brennan Voice Over Coach
Voice Over Audio

Level up your vocal ability

Communication Skills

Learn Professional Techniques

Grow Confidence

What you can expect from your session


First, we get to meet each other and talk about what you're most interested in learning.

Every session is completely unique and tailored to what YOU want to learn!

Vocal Warm-ups

We then go through a few warm-up exercises to get your mouth moving! This is important to make sure your lips, teeth and tongue are all limber and ready to speak.

Script Reading & Workshopping

Then it's reading time. Using sample scripts, we go through tone, pacing, emphasis and inflection for many different voice over styles.

Styles include: radio commercials, on-hold messages, narration and character to name a few!


We then listen back to your recordings and talk about your strengths, and identify changes you could make for the next recording. This is an important step because it sets you up to be able to analyse your own recordings when you go home!

Audio Production

For advanced students, we then go through some audio production tips! Learning to remove breaths and tweak effects on your voice will ensure you can deliver high quality audio of your own to your clients.

On-going coaching

After the session, you get to keep all of the raw audio files we recorded.

If you ever need advice about the industry, or feedback on your recordings, we encourage students to stay in touch via email and on social media.

Voice Over Demo Audio Production Waveform

Do I need a demo reel?

If you're a voice artist, or want to start get started in the industry, a demo reel is crucial.

A demo reel is a collection of the best of what you can do, and showcases exactly what a client can expect when they book you for an audition or a role. 

Particularly in the beginning; your demo will be the difference between you booking a role or not.

A good demo will showcase your variety and personality within 90 seconds. 

We've helped several talented voice artists to record, mix and master their demo to start them in the industry.

Take a listen to some below!

Steve Parr Voice Over Demo
Lucy Vinning Voice Over Demo
Audio production
Voice Over Microphone

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Brisbane QLD, Australia


Phone +61 412 260 812

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