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How to Make Any Record Player Bluetooth

Record collecting is a great past-time, and awesome to collect your own library of music, but if you're like me - you aren't content with music coming from one room only.

Introducing... Wireless Records!

All you need is a record player, aux cord, laptop with a microphone input and a Bluetooth speaker!

Step 1:

Plug your record player into your laptop's microphone input

- if your record player requires a phono pre-amp, plug that in first

Step 2:

Pair and connect Bluetooth speaker with laptop

Step 3:

Right-click the speaker icon and click 'sounds'

Step 4:

Enable and set the correct microphone input to default

Step 5:

Go to microphone properties and select 'Listen to this device'

Step 6:

In the Advanced tab, select your quality and make sure 'Enable audio enhancements' is UNTICKED.

Step 7:

Click apply and enjoy!

Note: I only have a windows laptop, so I'm unsure if this works with apple products.

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