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Audio is more important than video - here's why.

It's a common misconception that you need expensive camera gear to be a great film-maker. Actually, video quality often depends more on your audio than anything!

Here's a demo:

But why is this? Well the answer actually has to do with our sense of hearing.

If you compare the human senses, which do you think is the most effective?

"Eyes lie," says auditory neuroscientist Seth Horowitz. "But the ears don't."

His argument for why sound is "The Universal Sense" (that's his book title), is because of a few reasons:

- Hearing is our fastest sense.

Horowitz says that it takes our brain at least one-quarter of a second to process visual recognition. But sound? You can recognize a sound in 0.05 seconds.

- Our ears tell the truth

Remember optical illusions? It's relatively easy to trick our brain to see things moving when they aren't. But hearing? According to Horowitz, there are no auditory illusions in nature.

It's no wonder that millions of people find enjoyment in Podcasts every day. Our sense of hearing is so adept that we can listen to something and digest its meaning while doing other things.

So the next time you watch a great video, keep an ear out for the sound quality. You'll notice that the sound has always been prioritized in the edit.

Written by Angus Brennan - Voice Actor

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