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E-Learning - What makes it so engaging?

With sites like Khan Academy, MasterClass and Udemy, those who can't easily afford traditional university tuition are still able to study with ease. But what truly makes the classes so engaging?

E-Learning provides the flexibility of learning at your own pace. That’s a parallel to the way Freelancing has changed the workforce.

Online learning platforms are popular because the truth of the matter is, the more you know the further you really can go. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing a bright future through one's own efforts, and taking on self-directed learning can accomplish this sense of freedom.

Nothing can replace the human touch of physically being present in a class or talking to a lecturer, and online learning has its own way to ensure the experience stays as engaging as possible - remembering that how we learn is just as important as what is being learnt. This can be accomplished through video streaming/conference calling and using a Voice Over.

Listening to a friendly and professional voice explaining content on-screen can vastly enhance the learning experience. Being spoken to has a deep effect on memory formation - the brain associates different sensory stimuli with the experience at that moment. This is why certain senses like smell, taste and sound can trigger memories from years ago - another reason why ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has become more popular in recent times.

Being spoken to by our parents, family and friends has helped support cognitive development since we were just babies, and will generally continue to do so during our lifetimes. Podcasts have become such an important way of sharing information because it’s one of the easiest ways to take information in.

Speaking enhances learning.

EasyMark is an online examination platform for school students to maximise learning and growth. It also helps the teachers and schools by providing more information about the progress of their students. EasyMark hosts exams for several subjects, and each question is accompanied by a Voice Over. The combination of visual and audio ensures the students have a clear understanding of what is required of them - without the need for a teacher.

Mark Carter, EasyMark’s General Manager reached out to Angus in August 2019. He knew that with a clear, professional and engaging voice, the students would understand the tests as much as they enjoyed them.

“Angus uses his initiative if a script doesn't read right and will let you know and suggest changes which was greatly appreciated. We will definitely be using Angus again and we would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a voice over artist. PS our students love the voice overs.” - Mark Carter, EasyMark

For a professional Voice Over for your next E-Learning project, contact us today

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