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Meet Janelle, the creator of the ABVO Logo

3 years have passed since Angus Brennan Voice Over first launched, so it was time to give the business a revamp. But how do we even begin a revamp?

By going back to the initial drawing board and exploring key moments that shaped the brand. A business goes through many changes in its lifetime and ABVO has too.

From the early days when it was all about, 'Let's churn out as many audio files as possible', to the present when the focus is: 'How can we provide greater value to our clients while trying to survive this pandemic?'.

It's no doubt that we are not the same ABVO as we were 3 years ago and because of this, we wanted to honour the journey we have made so far.

When the idea of creating the business's logo was brought up, we knew we needed an artist who was able to understand what Angus loved so much about this industry and create a visual representation of it. Someone truly enthusiastic and creative who enjoyed the process of exploration and learning.

It's easy to tell when someone cares deeply for their profession, because they light up immediately when asked about what they do. This is the very quality our logo artist has and this is why we want to introduce you to her!

Janelle Armand is a freelance graphic designer with specialised skills in 2D animation. She graduated with a Bachelor of Game Design, majoring in Art Direction from Griffith University in 2018.

However her credentials alone were not why we approached Janelle. We felt like we could relate to her and liked her body of work to date. As well as this, when we asked what she likes most about her work, she told us;

"I enjoy creating a finished product, whether it's a logo or an illustration, but for me, the most rewarding part of my job is conceptual work (concept art). Being given a brief, and being told to explore that brief to discover what the end product will look like is challenging, and rewarding. The process of making art is satisfying."

This kind of energy was how we knew she was the right person for this project.

The first round of concepts presented after initial brief

How multiple shapes and images came together to form the logo

Being a client is not something we’re used to, so trusting Janelle to respect our vision was a test of our own communication. Letting go of control is hard!

An introductory meeting made everything easier. We learnt there are aspects of the design process we couldn't understand until Janelle explained it to us. This not only helped manage our expectations but further justified why it was a good move to seek the advice of a professional and an outsider from the business.

Fine tuning the colours

Throughout the logo creation process Janelle ensured that everyone was on the same page and nothing was lost in translation. Feedback was taken constructively and expectations were realistic and even surpassed - communication was direct and clear… Something every freelancer can appreciate!

If you’d like to see more of Janelle’s work, check out her Instagram or Artstation!

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