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Hot Beer, Cold Beer - A story of self-worth

I want to tell you a story, about how deciding which beer to buy taught me a valuable lesson about self-worth.

It was a Friday night after a long, productive week. I decided that I deserved a beer, but had none in the fridge. I did a pre-order on the website of the local bottle shop, and headed off in the car.

On the way there, a thought occurred to me, "What if the case isn't cold?"

This thought was followed with a scripted action plan, where I would ask if they had a cold case instead.

When I arrived, it was very busy. I could tell the cashier was stressed out, and didn't have time to be chasing a cold case, so I didn't ask my question. And so, got into the car with a hot case of beer.

I instantly got really down on myself. I have a problem where I struggle to speak up to avoid confrontation, and tonight was just another example of my inability to ask a simple question. However, what I did next was interesting.

What I did next was observe the negative thoughts, and question them. Rather than allowing myself to continue having self-destructive thoughts and having it ruin my night, I took a breath and headed to another bottle shop to buy a cold 6-pack.

And it was that easy. All it took was slowing down, taking a breath and questioning the negative thoughts, to enjoy my night.

This simple action can have some incredibly positive side effects if used every day. Every day we get to decide whether we get out of bed, open the curtains, or go outside for a walk.

So make the decision to love your day, because you, like me, deserve to.

I made a video on this topic! Check it out here.

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