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Angel Linding, Freelance VO Artist - ABVO Interview

When we try something new for the first time, we can expect our execution of it to be far from perfect. This is a good thing, because it leaves us room for growth and learning. Expecting that we’ll be perfect the first time, either means that we don’t yet understand the true nature of the field we want to pursue or that we are slightly delusional. Either way, this is ok as we all start off with these “flaws” and later on correct ourselves through self-directed work and advice from others.

Jim Rohn has a great quote on this,

“Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

Whether someone is 15 or 50, with the right guidance, we can all learn new skills and gain the confidence to move towards fulfilling careers and lives. Thankfully our brains have the ability to perform a process called neuroplasticity!

Every brain has the ability to develop their current skill-set and pursue their goals - all we need is the motivation to work independently.

When Angus started voice coaching, he himself was far from perfect. His studio was half-built; still using a laptop and a Bluetooth speaker to edit. However, he still had knowledge to share, and for our first student, that advice helped shape their career path.

Angel Linding is a 23 year old model and freelance voice over artist. She was ABVO's very first student, and came to us wanting advice to begin her path towards becoming a professional voice artist.

Angel joined us in-studio recently, so we decided to get to know her a little better with a short interview.

What interested you in the VO industry?

I started off in theatre so I already knew a little about what was involved. When I heard of voice over, I thought of voice acting. When I first got in touch with Angus, I wanted to know the difference between voice ‘acting’ and voice ‘over’ because I thought they were the same. He explained that he mostly works in voice over, because he’s suited towards more commercial work, which is different to a traditional acting role.

He got me to try commercial styles which were really fun. I love talking and speaking, so it felt natural. I wanted to work from home, and have the flexibility of doing something in my own time.

What motivates you when it comes to your work?

Fun jobs, the shorter jobs are fun - you can play around with them a bit more because you have more time.

You sometimes get to be a voice for a brand and help them to attract their customers - being the voice that connects and drives their audience to them is really cool.

Being an introvert, it’s nice to be my own boss. You get to set your own time limit and it's given me so much freedom. Even doing things like going to the gym when I feel it’s right for my body means my health is even benefiting from being a freelancer.

What are some of the challenges associated with being a freelancer?

Some days there's so much work to do that I feel so overwhelmed, I’m staring at a computer all day, in a hot room. And then other days you get nothing and feel bored and unproductive.

Trying to find more traffic and getting to the point where I have enough clients so I can prioritise better opportunities is the goal.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up?

I already had a theatre background, so I already knew how to project the voice and manipulate it. Your voice is your tool, it’s important to practise learning how to use it.

Before going to learn from Angus, I recorded and saved a lot of ads on YouTube and Spotify and mimicked professional voice overs - particularly their internations, inflections and styles.

You can't just expect to be good at voice over straight away, it's like learning to play an instrument.

Relationships in the industry are really important. Angus’s knowledge really helped me find direction, and knowing I can come to him if I have any issues is reassuring.

You can find Angel on Instagram, or book her for voicework through her Fiverr page.

If you're interested in coaching or guidance to get started in the voice over industry, book a voice coaching session with Angus Brennan today!

Written by Nadia Anand, ABVO Content Creator

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