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You Are Not Your Voice

So, you've been attending voice coaching lessons for the past few months, have built an excellent demo reel, and are ready to set yourself up online as a freelance voice over artist.

But a few worrying thoughts keep creeping into your mind;

"What happens if I don't get any jobs?"

"What happens if I lose my voice and miss an opportunity?"

"What happens if I audition for 100 projects and never land a single one?"

My advice for all of these worries might surprise you, because it's the same as the advice I give when playing someone's voice back to them after recording.

You are not your voice.

The reason it can be so uncomfortable to hear your own voice back is because you're identifying as your voice. You think, "That couldn't possibly be how I sound!"

As if to imply that your 'ideal' voice sounds different. Try your best to disconnect, and realise that your voice is not who you are.

As a voice over artist, someone paid to speak into a microphone, your voice is not you, but your product.

If a market vendor who sells mangoes suddenly runs out of mangoes, are they still a market vendor? Yes, of course!

Selling out of mangoes is in fact a good thing, because it means their mangoes are really tasty! Now, it gives the vendor time to have important rest, or they can grow their business and start selling something other than mangoes too!

My point is, regardless of whether you book voice overs or not, you will always still be you. This gives you the freedom to realise how great you are, and how great you want to be.

We've all heard dozens of quotes about true failure being giving up, but really true failure is considering yourself a "failure".

When we separate ourselves from our product (or voice), that's when we can really start to improve our skills, because criticism stops being a 'personal attack', and becomes truly valuable advice.

If you're interested in coaching or guidance to get started in the voice over industry, book a voice coaching session with ABVO today!

Written by Angus Brennan, ABVO Director

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